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March 14, 2024

The Good and The Bad

There’s good and there’s bad. Sometimes you take the bad with the good. Often, within misfortune, there is fortune. Likewise sometimes with fortune, there comes misfortune. Bad and good seem to hold hands a lot. There is some kind of link. Often when there is bad news, good news will follow. When there is good news, bad news has a way of showing up. One day, you’re on top of the world, the next, you’re down at the bottom, or have been knocked down a few pegs.

There is daylight. There is darkness. Sometimes it’s wet. Sometimes it’s dry. Sometimes something thought of as good, turns out bad. And vice versa. The world is fluid. Life is fluid. Conditions change. Seasons change. The right tool for the job today may not be the right one tomorrow. Learn to change ‘on the fly’. Adapt. Be ready for it. Roll with the changes. Roll with the punches.

Time will be the storyteller. Don’t jump to conclusions. The person who does often sprains ankle. Let things play out. Learn to recognize when it’s time, then take the appropriate action. Sometimes the fog is heavy and one can’t see well. There are other times when it’s perfectly clear. Let the muddy river settle to gain clarity. Don’t dive in without knowing if there are large dangerous rocks just below the surface.