81 Streets of Beat Dao

1 People talk and talk and talk and say nothing
2 A little yin and a little yang and you've mixed yourself up the perfect cocktail
3 Stay on the path and stop taking detours
4 The way just keeps going and going and going...
5 You can’t judge a book by its cover but sometimes you can
6 Be natural, not a phony
7 You don’t need what you don’t need
8 Play the games you wanna play, not games others want you to play  
9 Know when to say when
10 Accept the world for what it is, a messed up mess
11 There’s nothing and there’s something and nothing is something
12 Just get what you need and get out
13 Don’t get uprooted by the winds of praise or criticism
14 You can’t see it, but it’s there 
15 You can understand so much that other people think you’re crazy. Don’t worry about that.
16 Things come and go. That’s the way it is so what’s with the angst?
17 The best ones say little but do much
18 Don’t let the unbalanced throw you off balance
19 Keep it simple and stay out of trouble
20 I might be alone but I’m all right
21 Do the right thing
22 You can be humble and still rule the universe
23 Say what you gotta say, then be quiet
24 The universe has the last say
25 Calm is the master of anxiety
26 A good traveler is all about the journey, not the destination
27 Sometimes you need to use yin and sometimes you need yang. You just need to know when to use what.
29 Try to change what is natural and you will be crushed
30 The contrary to nature doesn’t last and is bound to fail
31 You should only use weapons when there is no other alternative and sometimes there isn’t
32 The shape of the way changes so don’t get attached
33 He who conquers himself is the greatest warrior
34 The way ebbs and flows creating and destroying
35 The sweetest song is often silent
36 Just be and don’t go overboard
37 Desire causes a lot of our problems
38 Don’t let rituals trick you
39  Do not seek to be the rare gem nor settle for the commonness of a grain of sand
40 Nature is cyclical. What’s on top now will be on the bottom one day and vice versa
41 It doesn’t take all kinds, but unfortunately we meet them everyday anyway
42 In every gain, there is loss in every loss, there is gain
43 Have the persistence of water
44 Wanting what you have overcomes a lot of grief
45 Tranquility overcomes heat, and movement overcomes cold. Johnnie Walker Red don’t hurt either
46 There is no greater mistake than following desire
47 The beginners mind has many possibilities, the experts mind has few
48 Wisdom is discarding a piece of knowledge every day
49 Before making any judgements, imagine walking a mile in the other guy’s shoes
50 Don’t live your life afraid of death
51 Don’t try to force or expect certain outcomes
52 Decrease involvement and live without anxiety
53 Why take fifty flights of steps if you can take the lift
54 Do what should be done and be genuine
55 Try to get along with everybody but everybody might not feel the same
56 Limit judgments, smooth over differences, forgive disagreements, live in peace
57 One can often accomplish much by doing nothing
58  Misfortune often hides behind fortune, fortune lurks within misfortune
59  Show some restraint
60 If you do the right thing, you don’t have to worry about getting caught doing the wrong thing
61  Be persistent like water and wear down that stone
62 Don’t look down on anybody, don’t look up to anybody
63  Deal with the difficult while it is still easy
64 A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step
65  People who are really smart outsmart themselves a lot
66 Take the high road
67  Compassion, frugality, and humility are three treasures everyone should have
68  A good soldier is not violent, a victor is not vengeful, a fighter not angry.
69 Do not misunderstand your problem
70 Life really ain’t that hard for most people. Stop complicating things.
71  A man has got to know his limitations
72  If you got nothing to lose, you can’t lose anything can you?
73  The wave of nature doesn’t ever struggle. It just rolls in.
74  Death can’t scare you if you’re not afraid of it
75  Put away your agenda and just live
76  It’s all about bending but not breaking. You can’t bend if you’re stiff.
77  If you don’t need it, give it away to somebody who does
78  The meek shall inherit the earth after the powerful kill each other
79 Forgive for your own sake, but don’t forget
80 Be a wanderer but never lose touch with your roots
81 Help people if you can, if you can’t, don’t hurt them

I don't claim this to be a direct translation of the Tao Te Ching. Just something to give you an idea of the ideas.