February 20, 2020

A Black Dog Named Red

from my little corner of the wide wide world 
actually not mine, I’m just inhabiting it for a bit
I just want to sit quietly and peacefully 
watching smoke curling and floating 
in the crisp cool morning air
from the red incense stick I got 40 of for $2
egyptian jasmine is the soup of the day
drifting without a care in the world like I used to
disappearing out the open louvred window 
candle flame steady as she goes
red candle a glow maintain course
tea steaming red cup composition
sky brightening crack of light 
black dog named Red 

laying on the floor

February 18, 2020

Crooked Horse

I came into town riding a crooked horse
dusty vagabond from another place of course  
pitch black sunglasses my name
hide my contempt for the now
clouds of uncertainty follow me
just passin’ through
a fugitive from the Kremlin
with red tears in my eyes
longing for the old glory days
but wise enough to know they ain’t comin’ back
at least for this old comrade
so I rest when I can and stare at the sun
a handout here, a handout there
movin’ on with the moon
standing out in the rain soaking dry sword in hand
you can’t go home when you ain’t got no home to go to
time to mount up and ride until I’m dead
re-enacting the glorious battles of my youth in my head

February 16, 2020

Lost Mine

I’m out here all the time
you’re behind an iron curtain
there’s one thing for certain
you could never be mine
you caught my eye one day
like a shiny nugget of gold
but I could never mine that claim I’m told
a lost mine down arizona way

I could wish and try with all my might
stand on my head and shout
but you wouldn’t pay attention there’s no doubt
I’d just be wasting my time this fine night
some things just aren’t meant to be
some elements just don’t mix together
I’m out standing now in some rough weather
but I’ll survive, this too shall pass I’ll see

I lost mine even though I never had it to start with