November 27, 2020

Blaze of Glory

a rendezvous of the kindred spirits
those who speak of valleys with bountiful treasures

motherlodes of gold hidden in mountains 

old crinkly maps showing the way

how do I know what these western hieroglyphics say?

on this cold, January, February, whatever it is day

sitting in the lean-to warming by a crackling fire

dead wood going out in a blaze of glory

we should all be so lucky

hot cup of coffee to thaw out the body

tastes good, mighty good

some jerky to chew on

horses wearing their Indian made blankets 

chowing on some oats not made by quakers 

swappin’ tales not tails of their riders adventures 

storm movin’ in afternoon gloom

mountain tops hidden by gray clouds blowin’ snow

chill biting my cheek and nose

getting old - feel the cold in my bones

wind coming up - beads banging together

getting mighty uncomfortable now

growing darker - put some hot coals down

under dirt to lay on and keep warm sleeping 

in the morning saddle up the horses and move on

lonesome man among the pines and deep snow

wonders how much longer he can do this

death coming into town on the 4:20 someday

reaper station; you don’t find it, it finds you

maybe you die frozen in some snowbank

not so bad - like going to sleep they say

November 24, 2020


lazy summer morning afternoon
we’ll both be one-eight soon

I wish I was a willow tree

just standing outside your house to see

you to come outside in the backyard

planting flowers in the garden

under your big floppy sun hat

golden hair shining in the sun

kneeling on the green grass

digging in the brown dirt

roses and carnations red and pink like cadillacs 

maybe a swim in the in ground pool

with quivering baby blue water

your wet footprints disappearing on the hot concrete 

wrapping up in a striped beach towel that I wish I was

the smell of chlorine in the air 

ice cold lemonade in a plastic pitcher 

bologna and lettuce sandwich on a tray

lunch your mom made

outdoor wrought iron furniture 

big flowered cushions of orange and yellow

these kind of days won’t last forever

make the most of them while you can

these carefree days won’t last

damned adulthood coming up fast

November 21, 2020

How To Cast A Death Spell

the following should only be used
in extreme circumstances

instead of the rage ravishing you

causing you turmoil

channel it towards the one who has caused your strife

that whom has upended your life

cast a spell of doom upon them

for their unjust and evil actions 

write the name of the intended recipient(s)

down on a slip of paper

place it into a fire

size of the fire is not important 

it could be an inside altar

or in a fire pit or a bonfire

fire is fire is fire

as it burns and destroys

concentrate concentrate

let the feelings radiate

use every energy source within

feel it pulsing- vibrating with energy

bring it forth with the force

of a powerful tsunami reaching the shore

direct it at the intended

may evil fall upon them

may they suffer the pains of hell

for what they have done

so too reach out to every corner of the mystic world

call upon them to use their power

let the power reach out to the intended

and damn them to a wicked fate

one death or a thousand deaths 

a lifetime, albeit short, of misery 

the seemingly healthy struck down

victimized by an ‘unfortunate’ accident 

don’t laugh my friend 

I have seen it myself

it is not to be trifled with or used recklessly