January 21, 2020

Lost Cause

I knew it just wouldn’t last
not with you and your stable future
and me and my shaky past
it was good for a while
your positive relentless spirit
sure could make me smile
the time we got caught in the rain
and you couldn’t find your keys
made love on the porch again
we lived on ramen all summer
when we got tossed on the street
it sure was a bummer
you wanted some stability
I was scattershot deluxe
I didn’t have that ability
we split with a kiss
I watched you slowly drive away
so many little things that I miss
I’m blind but I can still see
that I miss you to this day
do you ever think of me?

January 19, 2020

Hockey Night In Chicago

black and white marble floors look like a theater to me
or theatre as the british spell it old man
fancy red seats, old pipe organ blaring away cool
hope the car is alright--rough neighborhood
hope it starts when we leave or else we’re fucked
good game, penalty shot
dude behind us yelling constantly over his beer
where’s your skates man?
beer flowing, game going
more fights in the stands than on the ice
off-duties in yellow jackets have a busy night
I don’t want the game to end
but it does and we head out to the subzero
car thankfully starts and we crawl like a frozen drunken worm
out to the expressway and it’s hypnotic brake lights staring at me
who the hell is out driving at almost midnight
well it is a big city I should have known better
grab some coffee and some pancakes on the way home
at the local family 24 hour restaurant
like families are gonna come in at 3 a.m.
talk about the game--talk about anything

January 16, 2020

The New Neighbors

the new neighbors with three pickup trucks wave
yet more new neighbors 
a feeble wave back at them out of politeness
I wonder when they’ll come asking for favors 
I wonder what their ulterior motive is
nobody’s that nice anymore
unless they got a reason for it
what you can do for them, what they can borrow
no I don’t care where you work
or how important you or your alphabet soup title are
or how much money you got
or if you’re drivin’ the fanciest car
you never know who they could be
some psychos just waiting for an opening
softening you up for the kill
maybe just broke out of Sing-Sing
with arrest records like a dictionary
or ordinary people who are a pain in the ass
I don’t make eye contact for long
don’t want them steppin’ on my grass
bring the dog in and lock the door
deadbolt keep out and away
that’s what it’s come to
can’t trust anybody these days
especially if they’re smiling or waving
as they say--good fences make good neighbors