October 23, 2019

Monday Monday Night

made it through the god forsaken day
fake deadlines fake people real hassle
it’s all behind me now i’m clear
corner bar cornering me in walk through the door
I should be in night school classes but I’m not
college just isn’t for me
I don’t know what is but my head is buzzing from thinking about it
looking forward to Monday Night and football on TV
don’t know who’s playin’ tonight and it don’t matter
playing Pac-Man in the bar before kickoff
Long John and me killin’ time and bottles of beer
discount beer night and that’s alright with me
friends, hangers-on, girls with no other place to go
guys with fake first names
play some pool talk a better game than play
game starts barside with a bowl of popcorn
some peanuts and beef jerky
trying to get the number of the cute brunette
playing coy I ain’t got the patience no more
can’t hear what the announcers are saying-probably just as well

October 21, 2019

A Sunday Morning In

sunday morning
hershey chocolate pillows my best friend
churchgoers walk past my dirty cracked window
old ladies mostly, colorful babushkas tied tight to keep out the cold
some younger women dragging their kids with them
in pastel dresses and little suits for little men
a few big men here or there
most of them are nothing but hypocrites
going to the hypocritical church, who they hiding now?
I can hear the bells of the cathedral
ding-donging into my brain 
must be a couple of hours until football
weave into the kitchen looking for daylight
a coffee cup and some hot water will do
instant coffee, some brand I can’t pronounce but it’s cheap and good
don’t know how people can eat breakfast
eggs, toast, cereal, sausage, pancakes, waffles
makes my stomach turn just thinking about it
maybe I can do some toast with butter and cinnamon or grape jelly
i got chips, some salsa, beer, and a roast beef sub 
I bought yesterday at the grocery store 
a candy bar and some salted peanuts in the shell
all I need for an afternoon of watching football
hope it’s a good game they’re showing
damn! Redskins versus Vikings...well, at least it’s a game
head still not clear, too much and not enough to drink last night
4 o’clock games on the west coast
played on baseball infields in shadows of light towers and grandstands
caught some in between naps
getting too damn close to monday morning and back to work

October 19, 2019

A Saturday Night Out

pull into the lot of rocks and glass
walking the streets a January night
past cold giant shadows and old brick buildings
built long ago by men gone long ago
in a time long ago sorely missed
V.F.W post, church thrift shop
mexican restaurant already closed
taverns with blue and red neon signs in the window
open flashing an old friend welcoming
cold beer dark bar no starry-eyed dreamers here
ripped leather bar stools that have sat many
floors with sticky black and white checkered tile
the white is now a waxy yellowy cream
a place to hideout--hideaway 
have a few laughs, cry a few tears
drink a few whiskys, drink a few beers
pretty much the regular crowd
play some pool on the worn-out green velvet
stretched over worn out wood with cigarette burns 
pretty indifferent colored balls fall into pockets
hours pass deeper into the night
last call now, crowd thins out
miss america ain’t coming in tonight
turn up the collar on that old black leather jacket
cold air bites like junkyard dog--goes right through you
car seat stiff--starter groans--motor rumbles
gravel crackles, few cars on the street
turn the heater on
watch for police—drive ever so careful—keep it between the lines
over bumpy railroad tracks and evil potholes
into the complex, basement apartment--nothing special
fall into the perennially unmade bed
no alarm--it was saturday night
now it’s sunday morning