May 21, 2019

Northern Lights of Norway

all the voices in my head
were telling me different things
I didn't know which one to listen to
they all whispered in my ear
their side of the story
I couldn’t quite grasp the language
but the colors around me…
I understood them perfectly
red, blue, green
more green, yellow, red again…
a spectacular spectrum
painters palette high above
peaceful reflection
sensory overload in a good way
streaks of color into my brain
watercolors left out in the rain
running in the sky
dripping on my soul
northern lights
northern nights
I’m up here in my twilight
with my cognac resting on some pine needles
under a big ol’ Norwegian pine

May 19, 2019

Sand Hill Crane

the other day I was headed to 

work when I saw a sand hill crane

hooting and hollering by the side of the road

in the road was its dead partner

that some dumb bastard had hit

sand hill cranes are fiercely loyal to their mate

and it made me truly sad this one had lost

its mate for life—laying dead in the road

I didn't stop to help because there

wasn't anything I could do anyway

and I didn't dare be two seconds late

to my piece of crap job

or they'd write me up (again)

maybe he or she went to and found somebody else

maybe I should try it

the only women I meet

have more baggage than United Airlines

or have been through the proverbial ringer

or are just plain crazy

or a combination of all three

May 17, 2019

Chinese Take-Outs

One thing I noticed
Chinese take-outs
or take aways as the Brits say
most of them seem to have the same kind of big lighted menu sign
Moo Goo Gai Pan, General Tso Chicken
Shrimp Lo Mein, Sesame Chicken
Kung Pao Chicken, Broccoli with Chicken
more stuff I never order
behind the counter
the lights are usually burned out
or only half of them are working
kinda like the ones in the liquor store
and the Bourbon Chicken
tastes the same in like
every place no matter where you go
Guangzhou Shanghai Changsha
Toronto London Kokomo, Indiana
I get the pepper steak myself
and smile at the cute young ladies
who take and get my order
or those cute Chinese waitresses on the Yangtze River cruises 
who are dirt poor
and have fake American names like Julie, Debbie, and Mary