August 22, 2019

Empty Heads

people are always talking--empty heads talk talk talk
mouths full of empty words--fake camaraderie
a little yin, a little yang, some ice in a glass
no olives--make it a double bartender
i’m just tryin’ to stay on the straight and narrow
and out of the muddy roadside ditches I usually find myself in
alongside my pathetic dreams splattered  
but no matter what pointless points of view you hold
the way of the world chugs on down that track
diesel engines churning, coal car burning, steel wheels turning
judging a book by its cover 
read the first page--that’s what I thought
be natural-au natural-pure crystal clear
zombie phonies run rampant, false fronts--fake facades, false bottoms
ya need what you need but you don’t need what you don’t need
don’t fall--eyes bigger than the stomach syndrome
playin’ games I wanna play and not the ones
the man tries to make me play
full moon fever in fashion, know when to say when
too much this too much that--it’s all too much
I give up I accept
the world is a messed up mess full of empty messages and messengers

August 20, 2019


kickass rock and roll 
kicked ass and took names
pain in the ass
that's badass
he's a badass
she's a badass
rode her motorcycle coast to coast--well all right then
that qualifies as badass I guess
but baked two dozen cookies, uh, no
everything can’t be badass
it’s a dumbass saying
lazy ass thinking 
get a piece of ass
get an ass chewing 
bust your ass for what?
then they tell you
don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out 
and oh by the way
good luck in any future endeavors 
at the silly ass British dandy
a smart ass, I admit guilt your honor
ass whipping ass whooping 
CYA cover your ass
lost my ass in Vegas hitting on 16

don’t like this poem? kiss my ass!

August 18, 2019

52 Jokers

got a card reading from a deck with 52 jokers
my whole life has been just a joke
that I’ve never been in on
odd man out, third wheel, third man in, third man out, always the third man 
heliotrope bouquet on an old upright piano from another time
dematerialization, decomposing, declassified
skin and bones, skull and crossbones
sticks and stones have broken these bones
clothes hanging on those bones
raggedy clothes hanging on by a thread
throwing those bones and seeing what lies ahead
dark corners of bars and apartments
where the buffalo like me roam the golden landscape
glancing at the watch i don’t have no more
and looking up at the storm blowing into town
rock bottom geologist with a major in sharp stones
thrown at glass houses long since unoccupied
mountains reaching towards the blue-gray sky
negatives hanging from the ceiling
nobody wants to see those kind of pictures anymore
sun bleached abstract forms in black and white
dead images of dead people dead wrong or dead right
they are dead D - E - A - D all the same