October 23, 2021

Be My Lighthouse

the world today is stranger danger
the evil unknown around every corner

usually menacing///untrustworthy 

jaded hearts can never be happy

I just wanted to hit the road, didn’t care what road it was

this nomad life was wearing me down but it was the only way to go as far as I was concerned

I was tired of seeking the truth, I was prepared to take things at face value for a change

I knew what wasn’t true but I just didn’t care anymore

by the dark of the moon, I headed out of town head down

sleep by day, prowl by night...that’s my M.O.

I ran out of water to drink, it was a good thing I had my flask with me

the path into the forest was frightening yet inviting

lucky stars, be with me tonight in this unforgiving wilderness

the only thing that was more bitter than my coffee was my outlook 

the soul is a place with no roadmap

it’s easy to be cold in this world with good reason

like a ship lost in the fog, I desperately searched for someone who would be my lighthouse

shine your light on me babe

I’m a wanderer -- that’s what I do -- I wander

up in the mountains, nothing knows your name and you can be yourself

walking in the snow was magical and the years and the cynicism fell away

the future is usually either opaque or all too clear

October 20, 2021

Railroad Man

railroad man, I want to be a railroad man
throwing switches - swinging lanterns

hear the clickety-clack clickety-clack

up in the tower

“open track 5, open track 10”

7:35 to baltimore eastbound

7:55 to los angeles westbound

keep to the timetable

waive the red and green flags

boxcars squeaking and groaning 

bumping and grinding

engineer winding the wheel blowing the whistle

throwing in more coal - more speed

steam billowing white against the night

switchmen brakemen yard gang station masters

riding in an old caboose lights alit

loading cargo in the freight yard 

old rail side shacks with rusty old tools

used by rusty old men and shiny new men too late to the party

passengers fast asleep in the Pullman car

starting to snow; snowflakes wet kisses on the windshield 

while we in the cab are going over a stone arch bridge

over the mile high trestle in the mountains

across the viaduct crossing the gorge

tell the telegrapher to wire ahead that we’re on time

October 17, 2021


slip away in the wanderlust of an august night
stifling-sweat inducing mother night

by the light of a blood moon high in the sky

and all you got in your pocket 

is stupid youth and silly dreams

you can live on that but only for so long

but one day !serendipity!

sultry summer gives way to wicked winter

in front of the megastore you hit the floor

slip on some ice and go down like a circus clown

fall to the ground witnesses all around

slip and fall sue em all

habeas corpus, ipso facto, nightmares, suffering, lost wages

settlement should have you set for life

now you’re parking the 21 footer into the slip

sipping champagne lunch buffet at the marina

then it’s the platinum blonde with the hair that don’t quit

slipping into something more comfortable 

romantic evening on the 53rd floor

city lights blinking rhythmically below it all

soon boredom is seeping in like dampness in a basement

slip trip and skip a rope

slip away with the mistress to vegas

betting on black when you should have been betting on red

hitting on 16///BUSTED!

a full house beats your house in disarray

bringing endless ramifications and financial complications 

that pretty blonde -- has moved on 

now all you’ve got again is that moon

and pockets full of nothing

you’re sliding down a slippery slope

clutching cheap wine in brown paper bag

mumbling to yourself some epic in your mind diatribe

back up to a concrete underpass

with the roar of semi’s and occasional siren your soundtrack

slipping into the clutches of darkness 

soon slipping into a coma for a long long sleep