April 23, 2019


Spirit helper, spirit guide
lift my spirit
a kindred spirit
free spirit takin’ a free ride
a liquid spirit, a wooden cabinet of spirits
a spirit of the material world
a spirit from beyond
raise your spirit, break your spirit, take your spirit however you can get it
change into a spirit more comfortable
that’s the spirit old boy
fly Spirit, United, Lufthansa, British Airways--just fly your freak flag high
Spirit of St. Louis over the Atlantic
be in good spirits
a fighting spirit, be with us in spirit
get into the spirit
I got a line on you spirit
what’s your spirit animal
wolf? coyote? wolverine? badger? moose? owl? sloth?
dog? lion? elk? eagle? slug? ?????????????
if the spirit moves you, don’t leave a forwarding address

but always keep a Dunkirk spirit

April 21, 2019

Garbo/The Judge


Garbo talks Garbo laughs
Garbo smiles Garbo frowns
Garbo sits Garbo stands
Garbo broods Garbo moods
with just a look
she was magical and enthralling
chic with mystique
I want to be left alone
I know the feeling
absolute gorgeous absolutely mesmerizing
luminous unforgettable mysterious
costume movies
costume pieces
costume dresses
art collector  
I saw her walking around
New York City once
in a park of technicolor
she was still in black & white
and as beautiful as ever

The Judge

That looks perfect
the shades of blue and black tones in the blouse
will match several pairs of pants you own
yes, black has more than one tone
maybe throw on a matching necklace and earrings
to complete the ensemble
and you could wear that
with those black leather boots
you bought last week
says the man in the worn out green army jacket and cap
and muddy jungle boots

April 19, 2019


My finest white china that I never use
bull in a china shop
China or chinet
digging a hole to China
to get to my china doll
pleased to meet honorable ancestors
all the tea in China—make mine green
slow boat to China—USS San Pablo
Made in China
Mao in China
Me in China with chinese opium
traveling the Silk Road
shhhhh! ancient Chinese secret
Shaolin monks
Red China
Splendid China
incense, wind chimes, trinkets
eat some chifa
walking The Great Wall of China on a foggy morning