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March 17, 2024


Limit the judgments you make. We all judge from time to time. That’s only natural. We’re not mannequins with no brains. That being said, be silent as a mountain. The crickets chirp and there's a time to be quiet. Look at yourself. Are you the kind of person your dog thinks you are? Probably not. The biggest room in the world is the room for self-improvement. 

Smooth over the choppy waters of differences. Waves aren’t always smooth. They are not always going to be smooth. We can limit the small craft warnings. Let little things go. Don’t hold grudges over smudges. Things that really don’t matter don’t matter. So that guy took the parking space you wanted. So be it. Don’t let it capsize you or throw you for a loop. You can probably use the exercise. The stay in port warnings are another matter. We can ride those out.

Forgive disagreements, live in peace. Agree to disagree. Go your own way. It’s not worth it in almost all cases. Not everybody thinks the way you do. Even though you think it’s best (and you might be right), don’t waste your energy talking to a wall. The wall will find out on its own one way or another. It might stand thousands of years, or tumble down quickly.