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October 11, 2023

Sea Ghost

the sea ghost riding the wild oceans
captaining his ghost ship…

one doomed to sail the oceans forever

Cape Horn, the north forties

unable to pull into any port

nautical myths that have been told by many a seaman

over a bottle of rum in an atomospheric harbor bar

the ship illuminated with a gloomy, sickly yellow light 

sending unceasing waves of fear into those unfortunates

who encounter it on the open sea  

still making attempts to send messages to people dead long ago

if anyone makes sight of this phantom ship

it is said that the vessel that sees it will become doomed

the ship is said to collect all the tragic souls who have died at sea

they are then ferried to the afterlife

for these reasons, the ship became feared 

by many who have sailed the seven seas

and sail them to this day

in hopes of never encountering it

beware the sea ghost