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October 7, 2023


A revenant is a type of ghost that makes him or herself visible in an effort to frighten and terrorize the living. Almost always, it’s in order to extract revenge upon someone or some people who did it wrong in the mortal world. This makes it quite different from your standard run-of-the-mill zombies, who will come after anyone willy-nilly in search of living flesh to eat (if you believe in the zombie thing). The revenant returns from the grave on its own for a very specific and personal reason. There are many stories both mythological and modern day that tell of revenant ghosts seemingly coming back and getting revenge on their intended victims. Stories such as men dropping dead with looks of abject horror on their faces, unexplainable by doctors. Persons who become frightened and yell “get away” and/or scream even though witnesses say there was no one near them at the time. This usually precedes their death by mysterious means, like falling out of windows, or suddenly bolting into traffic and being struck and killed by a vehicle/vehicles. Of course these revenant ghosts can only be seen and heard by the unfortunates who have been targeted for vengeance.