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October 3, 2023

Morning Coffee Into Evening Coffee

finally finishing my morning coffee some 11 hours after I fixed it
in a stained cup

stained by too many morning coffees

now morning coffee has morphed into irish coffee 

O’ Hallaran it is

tired sun going down behind forlorn trees

legs like lead about to fall down 

bad moon rising in the unsettled sky

the friday fish fry and the cold beer at the VFW lodge

veterans telling old war stories

wannabe bikers trying to ride away from their cubicles

baseball game on television at the bar

seems like a retro relic from some past time 

speaking of the past 

you may be done with the past, but the past may not be done with you

bad penny in your pocket that keeps turning up

I voted for love but it was crushed in a landslide 

a grassroots campaign that went off in a ditch

deep mud in concrete culvert

the rubik's cube of life confounds my mind again 

brain teaser, twister, rattler

making my last stand, then I give up