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October 15, 2023


so I’m drunk and my soul is tattered
my mind in a thousand places scattered

I stopped caring long ago

about my place, my status, myself 

now it’s just day to day - minute by minute 

a handout here, a place to sleep there

job for a day to buy some booze

hanging in on the steps of the shutdown library 

you used to be able

to go in there and get cooled off 

on those hot summer days

I used to read about Niagara Falls 

the cool water falling on me

a place to warm up on the bitter cold days

pretend I’m drinking some hot cocoa by a fire

I got a boatload of imagination 

but a pocketful of nothing 

just don’t fall asleep or they’d chase you out of there

ain’t even got that to go to now

so it’s find a friendly alley

a cardboard box named Fred

soul empty and all is lost; birds singing

they know nothing of the feeling I’m feeling

but if it wasn’t for the waves and storms

the ocean would be exceedingly dull

mind under new management 

no shirt, no shoes, no problem

over the moon and under the universe 

in the cafe of dreams and caffeine 

with ripped chairs and warped floorboards

just me and my old friend coffee looking out at the city below us

twinkling lights, trains and buses and taxis

the rain starting…so appropriate for the mood I’m in

off the awning and on to the broken sidewalk and down the drain

broken glass laying in the street, like some people formerly whole now shattered

little pieces glittering making one last stand

10000 steps today and no closer to where I want to be

but where I wanna be today won’t be the same tomorrow

never can make up my mind

all kinds of time running out of time 

someone forgot to wind the watch