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September 17, 2023

Locomotive of Fate

what’s gonna happen is gonna happen
you are both powerful and powerless

you can’t stop the locomotive of fate

coming down the tracks thackety-thack thackety-thack to your station

you can’t escape fate, not even in your safe place

the blasting horn will find you in your quiet room

but then again, a change will do you good 

it is what it is (except when it isn’t, but even then it is) 

there’s always the unexpected isn’t there?

but somewhere in a remote cave, a monk is meditating and praying for you 

try to be like the leaf that flows easy on the river

unfortunately, people are gonna people 

you can’t fix stupid or cruel

the forecast is calling for mostly cloudy

with a slight chance of happiness

a front is moving in with scattered squalls

sometimes a lost world is the only place that you can find yourself

it’s easy to lose yourself nowadays

sometimes the way things are, you just can’t do enough drinking

there just isn’t enough alcohol in the bar

a bar called the absinthe room has to be great, right?

listening to music and trying to remember where I was the first time I heard a part