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September 13, 2023

My Portuguese

sorry to inform you that it’s not always about you / nobody cares jack
you dropped your latte / a tragic waste of six bucks; most unfortunate

why worry about it; it’s just a life and death situation, nothing more than that

the mood was perfect for a romantic getaway to the seashore 

I see a portuguese man of war but I have forgotten my portuguese; 

what language do the sharks speak?

the waves come and go like the proverbial transient

the hours pass like the sun across the blue and white checkered sky

drinking cold on-taps and the muzak is playing ‘The Girl From Ipanema’

go to the wobbly corner table in the cafe

meet up with some friends

where we talk about dreams and plan our schemes

we’ll still be here years from now doing the same 

stare into cups of coffee for some kind of divination

the coffee has no answers

no spring in his step but it’s is only natural / age will slow one’s pace

what’s going on? same ol same ol he says

he’s seen a lot of same ol I sense

a change would do him good but where is this change?

it’s not in the restaurant or the pool hall or in the 7-11

can’t be found uptown, downtown, or in a bowling alley crowd

waiting for the ship to come in, adrift among the seas