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September 21, 2023

The Catacombs of Lima

In downtown Lima, Peru there is a building that houses the famous catacombs of Lima. These catacombs were built underneath of what is called  the Basilica and Convent of San Francisco. Due to the killings and torture that took place during the Spanish invasion, many souls were left in pain, and inside the foreboding catacombs, there are many reports of seeing shadowy figures on walls, hovering over passageways and of hearing chilling sounds. I’ve been there and I can confirm this.The crypt's use as a cemetery was used for almost the entirety of the Spanish era of Peru with what is believed to be over 25,000 bodies located therein. No one knows for sure even how large the area is, for it has never been measured with any accuracy. The catacombs were an absolute must visit when I was in Lima seeing relatives, although so powerful are the stories of paranormal happenings taking place within them, none of my relatives except for my wife would go inside the catacombs with me. They were well-lit and the many skeletons and assorted bones could easily be seen as was the eerie figures of shadow people who inhabit the depths and the disembodied sounds that echo off the stone walls