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August 22, 2023

Somewhere Along The Coast of Maine

her fragile boat moored in the remoteness of Maine
bumping against some old tires

coastal rocks brown, gray and jagged

cold icy winters but glorious short summers

ruggedness of a nearby forest pines extraordinaire

red and white lighthouse stands tall and majestic (needs a coat of white paint)

shining beacon piercing the black as coal night

protecting captains and crews from harm

old cottage seaside overlooking blue-green bay

captain’s bell by weatherbeaten front door

prominent widow’s walk

fishing boats with old wood decks away from their slips

sailing in hopes of making a profitable catch on their dangerous trips

telescope pointed out to sea from bay window

hardwood floors; rooms decorated in elegant nautical 

model ships, sailing hats, wheels, compasses

treasure chests with personal treasures contained within 

maps and charts, pieces of sails, paintings of sea going vessels

red lanterns, old naval uniforms 

harken back to another time, another world 

evening now; fog gathering obscuring all

distant ship horns can be heard amidst the mist