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August 17, 2023


Have pretty seashells in your house? If you do, and you're having bad luck you might want to put them outside. They are pretty but there are many who warn of putting them inside the home. Seashells of course come from the ocean and some think that there are doomed spirits that could have gotten into them from things like shipwrecks and drownings, and that placing them inside your home allows the doomed spirits inside, and that this courts and causes bad luck to occur. Those believers say that it’s best to leave them on the beach but if you must have some, it’s better to keep them out in the yard or in a garden where they are considered harmless. 

Feng Shui has the opposite belief that seashells bring good luck and they are encouraged to have in the home. They say to place a few on window sills. Also,they say to put six shells in the north-west corner of the home along with silver or Chinese coins or other regular coins in each one of them to attract blessings from heaven. You can also put them in what’s termed the wealth corner which is the southeast corner. The shells come from water and in Feng Shui water is akin to wealth. It is said that they provide relief from stress and offer a protective shield against negative powers or spirits.

I had a large seashell that was given to me by a friend who had visited Sanibel Island, Florida. It was pretty, but too big for my living room tables, so I had stashed it under the bed and pretty much forgotten about it. When I got married, my wife found it and told me to get rid of it because it could bring bad luck. I didn’t want to, so we compromised and I put it outside in the garden until it crumbled apart. I tried to convince her it brought good luck in that I had met her, but she still wanted it out of the house. I snuck it back in the house once, but the next day my car wouldn’t start. Quite unrelated I’m sure, but I put it back outside... just in case.