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August 25, 2023

Blue Carpet

blue carpet like a calm sea
reflecting the moonlight back at me

stars in my eyes

sailing the world’s oceans solo

and that’s alright you see

fan twirling overhead slowly in time

to the music playing softly in the den

on an old Emerson stereo, 8 track player no longer works

that’s seen me through many a day and night

the day just going down slow creeping toward an end

getz up now, desmond on deck

brown drink with ice smooth as silk 

gave up worrying and caring much if any at all

sleep late every day, never liked mornings

seen it all, don’t want to see no more

in a river of leather, ottoman ahoy!

long past supper but it doesn’t matter

lost my appetite

lost my desire to put up a fight

be the leaf on the lazy river drifting along

might be the heart one day or maybe the liver

just pick me up and throw me in a river