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July 31, 2023

Soul Overboard

bright sunshine, a fresh sea, a beautiful morning!
alas, gale winds are forecast for the afternoon

the waves are wild but I still feel more calm than on land

he drank a lot of his life away, but then again it wouldn’t have been much of a life without the drinking

a soul overboard and tragically never to be found. jumped? who can say?

things are calm now and it was time to finally relax

the ship slithers through the darkness; a snake unsure of its present position

the radio having breathed its last some time ago

I’ve never been a rum fan but now was no time for discretion

it had been a rough day on rough seas

It’s easy to say I would have done this or that

or I wouldn’t have done this or that knowing what you know now

that’s called second hand wisdom

it’s having first hand wisdom that proves to be most elusive

I kept wondering about the man gone overboard…where he was, was he still alive?

the weather was too harsh to mount much of a search

over in another cabin they lit a candle in his memory

how symbolic! I think symbolism is pointless and it can be dangerous

now it was 11 o’clock and all was well

or at least as well as it could be

I had the midnight to four watch

then it would be straight to my bunk for a crash of epic proportions