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August 3, 2023

Brown Eyes Full Of Peace


she of patchouli and hot green tea
her brown eyes full of peace

her smile as warm as a summer ocean

I thought that maybe I had found a small fragment of heaven

but I’m just a poet, what do I know?

it was time to leave and we said our goodbyes

with sighs and eyes of wishing 

I went to a cafe that looked like it should be closed

my fourth cup of coffee in this soiled sad sack cafe 

I don’t wanna go home cause home’s not really home

so I made my way over to a hotel bar…

in most cases, hotel bars are a lame attempt at cool…

an antiseptic generic stab at the real thing

missing spirit, soul

but sometimes a welcome sight as it was that night

an oasis in the vast desert that life can be sometimes

I distrust the new, at least until they’ve proven their seaworthiness

this appeared like it would float

ambrose bierce, where are you?

went down mexico way and that was the last that was seen of him

I drank a shot of tequila to his memory

which seemed appropriate

attempted to explain my rationale to the young barmaid

but she just smiled unaware of who old ambrose was

it really didn’t matter, we all die of technicalities anyway