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July 27, 2023

Back To Sea

negative energy drains you, brings you down, breaks your negative energy!
I look at the waning gibbous partially hidden by the silky sheer night clouds

and think all of life should be this beautiful

well maybe it could happen in a parallel universe, but probably not even then

the old days are gone like old sunsets beneath the horizons of yesterdays

between the strips of the old vinyl chairs by the pool

there’s nothing like being back at sea 

navigating by the stars is delightfully old world

the ship’s wheel and a hot cup of cocoa on a chilly snow flurry night…what could be better?

sailing on the sea brings such great solitude

solitude…such a wonderful word, has an almost magical, musical quality to it

always been a  wanderer of the waters he was, always the waters…

your mood can go from placid to raging in such a short span

you can be as unforgivingly icy and remote when you wish it can’t you? 

you can turn on a dime, your waves are a fright

red sky at sunset always a welcome sight

the cabin smells of mustiness and incense; needs more incense

everyone can be their own captain if they’d only realize it

the water so clear you can see all the way down to the happiness of the magma

dolphins swimming alongside the boat always bring happiness