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June 9, 2023

Wax Museum

shuffling downtown killing downtime
checked out a wax museum

there was a time when wax museums 

had Jack The Ripper, Cleopatra 

other historical figures

most now are filled with models of

throwaway pop stars; melt ‘em down 

and make candles out of them I say


down side street there lies

a black zip-up jacket, other clothes, books, papers

a small television set all prone and evidently

thrown from a second or third floor window 

for reasons unknown by person or persons unknown

unfortunately people gonna people

around the corner step into cafe

lose the december chill with some hot coffee 

but girl at the counter says they don’t have no more 

they’re getting ready to close

yeah, like in two hours!

I ‘voice my displeasure’ and manager comes over

says no problem and makes more

done now and catch train for home

with all the up and comers

out the train, down the stairs

to the local bar; drown my cares

not that I have any

beer cold beer good whiskey better

follow the streetlights to my place