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June 6, 2023

Fair Winds

I wonder how many poets
have been found guilty and subjected to poetic justice

have justice meted out to them

how many times they have sunk

and gone to Davy Jones’ locker

doomed souls they be

victims of their own leaky penmanship

now laying at the bottom of the sea

they at one time sought to conquer

a cargo vessel crossing the Atlantic…

undoubtedly an old sea captain 

a gray grizzled bear of a man

aboard barking commands 

with a gravelly voice 

ordering the sails be trimmed

leeward windward adjust the boom

lower the boom!

no wait, maybe 150 years ago

not these days please and thank you 

tanker ship I believe 

wish I was aboard

Ahoy! Fair winds and following seas to you…

and watch out for growlers!