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June 3, 2023

Friendless Cafe

There are friendly cafes and there was this one
a friendless cafe near the station

dirty floor, cracked begging for help 

counter chair upholstery 

couple of fake leather chairs; torn

through the practically opaque grimy windows 

reflections of light gleaming off 

eastbound speeding train as it passes

carrying office worker zombies home in the evening

winds of change blew but whereas 

some people got silver dollars, I got a penny

outside in the stillness 

a couple quarrels on bench

her in red snazzy coat, him in old blue windbreaker 

stretched out black knit hat

love is one strange cat

30.16 and fair one day

28.90 and stormy the next 

seemingly in the blink of an cat’s eye

starting with a whisper and ending in an avalanche

out of control frontal boundaries

blowing in off the ocean; nor’easters