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May 30, 2023

Axis Annie

I’ve forgotten ten times more than I’ve ever known
and what I don’t know won’t hurt me

I know there’s an art to doing nothing productively

not seeing the truth as it is but as we would want it to be

is as sure as the sun coming up

I know there’s always a tinge of sadness when I think of the things I’d like to do

but know there’s no way I could actually ever do them 

for a myriad of reasons

some beyond my control, others that weren’t 

but all that’s for another time

the live music seems to almost always put a little extra ‘juice’ in the drink

it’s saturday night but I don’t feel like fighting 

I’d like to tell you about the time I made it with a Miss Universe contestant… 

but it hasn’t happened…yet. (note the optimism)

in comes axis annie as she is called for some reason now forgotten

she looks a little down in the mouth, her eyes glazed over 

she spoke matter of factly 

it was bad news and I didn’t really know what to say

so I asked her if she wanted to go bowling

she said yes, so we went kegling for a couple of hours 

complete with mandatory beer and snacks

not saying much but just being together

we said goodnight and hugged

I still didn't know what to say