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May 27, 2023


I’m not always moody // it depends on what mood I’m in
alas, I’m all too often forgetting about mindfulness

I’m going to try and be an optimist from now on

      but I doubt it will last long

I was thinking...hearing voices may not be so bad 

depending on what they were saying

if they were telling you how talented you are

or how intelligent or good looking you are, who wouldn’t want to hear that?

I am not of this world nor is this world of me

sometimes it’s better to be in the dark

in that way you get left alone

does fate control everything in our lives, or just the kinda important things?

who determines this fate if it is so?

there are times when there seems to be a pre-determined fate

that one is powerless to stop

closing my eyes now in silent meditation 

rain hits the windows

wishing for peace, an everlasting peace

I shall be at peace

It will be a moody peace at best

I can't help it

I'll be peaceful
until the mood strikes me not to be

it's not my fault