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May 24, 2023

Still So

narrow slippery road sliding down into the black abyss
   (deep, dramatic voice) where you can’t see a thing

     soft shoulders like a sleeeeek woman, no guardrails 

quiet languid winter days at the cabin

    away from all the hysteria

       sleet dampening the festivities but not the spirit

later in the day...walking  -  meandering 

    just walking and listening to those birds

        sharing coffee and talking of the latest gossip 

the ones who stuck it out through the cold

   and those that didn’t who pack up the moving van  

         and head south to palm trees and suntan oil

    now the survivors hug the trees snow crusted

         being one with the cold breeze


I meanwhile wander aimlessly about

and things couldn’t be any better

evening was coming, falling like a sequoia

I crunched my way back home

for a fine friday night fried dinner

some potatoes, chicken

I don’t want my last earthly meal to be a salad

after dinner it was already dark

went out to the porch overlooking the frozen lake

brushed the snow off the red adirondack 

set down my thermos of freshly made hot brew 

it was the kind of night 

when the stars shone bright 

anything seemed possible

although deep down I knew better

                  but I decided to pretend it was still so