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May 20, 2023

Possession: A Case In India

The thought of spiritual possession is an eerie one. One type is known to occur when the spirit of a dead person somehow takes over a living being, an actual living being walking the earth like you or I. This type of experience has been documented by the people who have lived through it. People who can recall names, places and events, totally unknown to them previously. Yet they do so in stunning detail. They are somehow able to remember these things. It has been noted that in some circumstances, even a person’s voice may become totally different, as well as their body language. In some instances, crimes thought unsolvable have been solved as a result of these ‘possessions’.

Here is one case…a young woman who we’ll call “A” died in a village in India 

died, but then she was miraculously revived. She began to speak of someone who had been murdered in a distant village. There was some confusion (you can imagine why) but she gave enough details to verify her statements. The authorities were baffled, bewildered, flummoxed, gobsmacked. The details matched up astonishingly well to the facts about the life of another young woman. “B” had lived far away in another part of India. She had died violently there- either a suicide or probably a murder, but the local police were unable to determine exactly how. 

After her revival, “A” recognized over 20 people (in person or in photographs) that were known to “B”, but were virtually impossible for “A” to have known before. “A” also began demonstrating new behaviors that aligned with previous behaviors of “B”. Interviews with many people satisfied investigators that the families concerned had not known each other beforehand.

Therefore, investigators concluded that the subject had to have gained this information about “B’s” person's life through paranormal means such as possession. The perpetrators of the murder were arrested, they confessed and were sent to prison.