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May 13, 2023

Cottage By The Sea

oh, the cottage by the sea!
always sounding out to me

stone and vines and wooden porch
the wooden planks of the old pier

slapped in the face by the waves, cold and choppy- 

the mist- the fog, rolls in and seldom leaves 

the wind and the salty spray you can feel--

in your beard, in your bowl of soup 

one can see the ships in the distance 

good captains with good crews

navigating their vessels

like the experienced ancient mariners --

cargo, container, tankers from ports distant

maybe ghost ships doomed for eternity 

with the telescope from the bedroom

perched in the bay window like a toucan

distant yet seemingly touchable

sea green and whipping cream white foam

paintings of tall ships throughout the house

nautical knick-knacks here, there

and everywhere 

hob-nobbing among themselves when

nobody’s around 

clocks that sound bells

watches beginning, watches ending

and in between these watches

plenty of time to read poetry and write

to fall into catatonic gazes at the diamond water