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June 28, 2023

Cold, Cold, Sea

it is all but a dream that we must wake from laying in a strange bed
rumpled sheets, comforter halfway off the bed

sleeping on the wood floor

the trees stand silently today like grim faced soldiers standing guard 

mourning the passing of souls…time

so he went to sea to get away from what little the land offered him

the sea makes no promises

climb aboard your ship and sail to your destiny 

in your barely seaworthy bag of boards

your fate awaits, bad or great

look at him, just dripping in cool

mr. a/c

he only saw red once in a blue moon

nobody can remember when that was many moons

I look out at the waves and admire their persistence

never discouraged, always on the move

o weary wanderer; have you no place to call home?

always with a rucksack in your hand

is not out in the cold better than in the fire?

better to taste the snow than the flames

the soul only has what you put into it

wherever it is

there was joy in the lightning, joy in the thunder

kisses in the rain and hugs in the wind

the universe is eternal, yet what is contained within is not

mountains will fall in the sea, cities turn to dust

the great metal gods will turn to rust

maintain course 15 degrees west of east

the corner table was secluded and dark, just the way we like it 

quite quiet and away from the din

I certainly didn’t expect to find it in South Boston, but yet there it was

you never know when you might run across it

no mood, no cry

like an island in the middle of a cold cold sea