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April 24, 2023

Mystic Revelations

Scrying, a.k.a. crystal ball reading. It is an ancient art practiced by some fortune tellers, those purveyors of the mystical. It is an ability to peer into a crystal ball, or reflective surface of some kind and receive information from a different physical or dimensional location. This information may contain a vision of some kind of prophecy, a startling revelation about something, or information that may provide an inspiration to the seeker. 

Much sand has passed through the hourglass and scrying has been along for the ride in an assortment of forms. It remains popular in occult circles and among the commoners. Once the information has been ascertained by the fortune teller, it is then passed on to the person who seeks it. This is usually in the form of predictions and events that the fortune teller has ‘seen’ occurring in the future of the subject. For best effect, this kind of thing usually takes place in a darkened parlor to facilitate ‘reading’ of the ball, with maybe some incense also to set up a proper mystical mood. 

Many times (at least in the movies), it’s often performed by a woman wearing a colorful bandanna, and adorned in baubles who gives off a ‘mystical’ vibe. Sometimes she is portrayed as a gypsy type, but in the marvelous world of reality, it could just be anybody, just anybody. There is no one way to go about scrying. Many methods are used. Used as a guide for thousands of years by the common, and kings and queens, there are still many who seek out these individuals for guidance and a peek into what awaits them in their future. Some tellers say their visions come when they focus deeply into the subconscious, while others say that their visions come from spirits, the gods, or a trip into the psychic mind. 

Can these fortune tellers really have visions into someone’s future? When something happens you’ll know, you will know, ohwowo you’ll know.