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April 17, 2023

Crispily Dry Scatter

my friend the moon is out early today
big and round and covered with yellow haze

always good to see you, let me buy the first one 

very cool wind; almost fall-like

trees rustle; small leaves freshly fallen and crispily dry scatter across the street like crabs at a beach

their scratchy loud footsteps leaving no prints behind 

bears out and foraging about as bears often do

—- bird whistling 2 slow whistles

then 6 quick ones — don’t know my birds

but it’s nice to listen to

now here’s a bird with purpose 

as I speak, a freight train pulls out

of rainy St. Louis

grinding, squeaking out from the shadow of the arch

down rusty spaghetti-like tracks

then rolling through the sleepy farmlands of Illinois 

it’s hands cupped for golden grain

led by sons of old engineers, now old themselves 

looking to end today’s run and go home 

where the wife will have supper on the table