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April 10, 2023

Mexico City


Mexico City, you are so pretty with flowers in your hair

     she asked me if I wanted to go see some ruins

     I immediately thought I’d seen enough ruins

     in the mirror and in recollections 

     of my own decrepit and decaying life

     I didn’t want to see anymore 

     but her exuberance and desire to be a good host 

     plus in the vernacular of peppers, she was most definitely a ghost pepper

     it  was too much to overcome 

     so we hopped in a jeep for the Teotihuacán

     listening to some kind of Mexican hip-hop at first

     but she put on some classical mariachi music

     at my request 

     I kept looking out for the banditos or policia 

     or the Federales

     (same thing I was warned)

     a mini Baja 1000 that found me

     continually spilling my Tecate 

     on my new blue peasant shirt made in bangladesh 

     hot and dusty it was exploring 

     then back home for an evening breeze

     homemade enchiladas with rice and beans

     tortilla chips and salsa picante of course 

     washed down with some potent tequila 

     then a little soft guitar music from her hermano 

     then off to sleep in a room with a louvered door

     under a softly grinding fan saying a few words 

     which roughly translated meant buenos noches