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April 2, 2023

Mo About Poe

In 1838, Poe wrote a book about a stowaway named Richard Parker who was eaten by survivors of a shipwreck. 46 years later, a ship sank and when the food ran out, one unfortunate soul was killed to feed others. A cabin boy drew the short straw and was killed and eaten. That cabin boy’s name? Richard Parker

There is a bar called The Horse You Came In On that has been operating in Baltimore since 1775 and it was supposedly a favorite of famous writer Edgar Allan Poe. There is an abundance of strange goings on. The ghost has been named Edgar, though it's unclear whether Poe’s spirit is the poltergeist who often causes paranormal disturbances in the saloon.

On October 3,1849, Edgar Allen Poe was found wandering delirious on the streets of Baltimore. He was taken to a medical college where he died on October 7th. Poe was not coherent long enough to explain what had happened to him, and all the medical records involved including his death certificate have been lost. Poe was originally buried in a part of the Westminster graveyard without a headstone near the rear corner of the churchyard. His corpse was moved to a more prominent location in the churchyard.

Poe was reburied on October 1, 1875, at the current location close to the front of the church. A celebration was held at the dedication of the new tomb on November 17. His original burial spot was marked with a large stone donated by Orin C. Painter, though it was originally placed in the wrong spot.

Beginning in 1949, an unidentified late-night visitor had gone to the gravesite of writer Edgar Allen Poe in Baltimore, Maryland, on the anniversary of the writer’s birthday, leaving 3 red roses and a bottle of French cognac. Some notes were found that often read "Edgar, I haven't forgotten you. "The visits ceased after 2009 which was the bicentennial of Poe’s birth. “Quoth the raven, nevermore”