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March 12, 2023

Trench Coat Mystery

my philosophy is never volunteer information
be intentionally vague, keep ‘em guessing

be an enigma; mercurial in nature 

wear a trench coat and give off that air of mystery

eyes hidden behind some shades

true intentions always in doubt

you can trust me to be untrustworthy 

so… I didn’t see anything

it all happened so fast

it was pretty dark and I had sunglasses on 

you should have taken a right

so take a right…take the fifth amendment 

refuse to incriminate yourself

you have the right to remain silent 

I should have known, I might have guessed

because you can? can you not? 

circumstances are undetermined

so c’est la vie mon amie

looks like death by miss adventure

and she’s killed a lot of them 

person or persons unknown

but enough about her, I do it because I can

because I can and does it really matter?

I give up…yeah whatever…how be you?

it is what it is except when it isn’t

and if it is, is it art?