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March 17, 2023

Final Wishes

when it looks like I’ve had it
all over but the shouting

over and out #30

need to pick out some music to close the casket by

if there was one, which there won’t be

been doing the wrong thing all along according to some 

and even if it’s all messed up

well that’s the way I wanted to do it 

I stopped caring a long time ago

it don’t make no  difference 

we all wind up dead anyway

dust to dust and all that jazz

and if you’re lucky you die in your sleep

not in some germ infested hospital room 

in a bed of doom and gloom 

leave me be

under some trees, hugging some grass 

not in a forsaken depressing nursing home 

taking all my money (what little of it I have) 

for fourth-rate care 

so keep your hands to yourself and when it comes 

bury me at sea, that’s where I wanna be

scatter my ashes (mountains, ocean, vacant lot)

no celebration of life 

have a few drinks in honor of my death