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March 20, 2023

A Case Of The Ghosts

A man took a bet with friends to stay in an empty ‘haunted’ house overnight. He went with no phone or other means of communicating. In the morning, his friends would pick him up. The next morning when they arrived, he was found dead with an absolute look of horror on his face and his eyes were disturbingly wide open. The police were called as well as the coroner. The cause of death was attributed to…of course …”natural causes”…I doubt they were

The Stanley Docks in Liverpool, England are said to be haunted due to the number of recorded murders and events there, including some body snatching. The building was used to store dead bodies during WWII, and some strangely began missing and unaccounted for. As a result of these happenings, there is, poltergeist activity and numerous apparitions have been sighted and reported  

The spirit of a dead person who returns to seek revenge for an unjust death is called a vengeful ghost. In some cultures it is believed that vengeful ghosts may also be the unhappy ghosts of individuals who feel they were not given a proper funeral and were slighted. As a result, they come back to take revenge against those that they feel slighted them.

In 1831, a farmer by the name of Boltus Roll was murdered by two men who believed there were valuables hidden on his property.  In 1895 the newly created Baltusrol Golf Club was named after him. It’s said his ghost has been seen walking the courses in the twilight of an evening at the club searching for his killers.