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March 25, 2023

The Minquiers

sailing the old boat through the minquiers
around Jersey doing some sightseeing

danger all around, treacherous place to be

and now there’s a storm coming up

radio out Sparks? wonderful timing

rogue waves lurking 

peril a-freshening

skies growing ominous gray; menacing

winds too many knots to count

at the wheel which is worthless

should have done more than

a cursory check of the lifeboat

abandoning ship a last resort

captain must go down with his ship they say

I seem to be forgetting that in this confusion

thought this boat might be a little too small

should have listened to the old mariner

between his sips of rum

mismatched apparel, scruffy beard and all

now the minutes pass like kidney stones 

we’re being thrown around like a luggage 

by angry airport baggage handlers

but then —- skies lighten and waves reduce 

made it through without sinking

or hitting anything or anybody 

a life at sea is a life for me