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March 7, 2023

Ode To A Slacker

my apartment is on the first floor
too lazy to raise my legs to take the stairs

don’t wanna wait for no elevator

morning comes and it takes all of my energy

to get out of bed

I go in the insufficient postage stamp kitchen

brew some coffee that’s stronger than my ambition

there’s  a folding chair on the patio

and some plastic plants I don’t have to water

I get up early, at the crack of noon

the warm sun feels good

I read a book for a while, maybe take a nap

wake up and see all the world out of whack

cars and trucks buzzing by on the road in front of me

rushing here and there, I don’t care

I take my time going to the kitchen for some more coffee

now somebody’s knocking at the door

just go away

now they’re ringing the bell

go away I say, leave me alone in my peaceful home

now it’s evening and I look at the stars

Jupiter and Mars so bright tonight

stay out of the crazy bars, drink at home alone

those stars don’t move much

they’re just like me