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March 4, 2023

A Sabre Dance

At one trendy BNB located in the East End of London one evening, a guest who was staying in town to do some touristy things decided to visit the front parlor of the home. When he entered through some double doors, he got the shock of his life! 

He was met by a ghost in I don’t know, some sort of military uniform brandishing a Sabre and yelling for revenge. He began approaching the man with fire in his eyes and the sabre waving back and forth menacingly. The frightened guest ran into the living room yelling for help desperately, and the police were called by the owner of the BNB at once, but when help arrived, the intruder was gone. He had not followed the guest into the living room or kitchen. 

They conducted a search but nothing could be found of any intruder, but there were some droppings of mud on the kitchen floor but none on the carpets of the front room and the living room. The mud didn’t come from the guests slippers, and it hadn’t rained in weeks, so where the mud came from was a mystery.

So not only did the man get to tell his friends about Westminster Abbey, The Tube, and the Churchill War Rooms, he also got to speak of the frightening apparition that made an appearance one strange night at his place of lodging. Of course, would they believe him? After all, he was the only witness to this eerie event.