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February 28, 2023


she’s not an extra large or a petite
a 2x or 3x or big and tall

she’s a medium into medium kinds of things

spooky ooooooooooo stuff

she can go into a dance, a trance

touch the other world beyond the grave

the GREAT beyond 

break on through 

make contact with the spirits on the other side

other times it’s through seance

that the dearly departed speak

some come forth willingly 

with messages for the living 

some spirits wish to be left alone 

angry spirits, unsettled; definitely not resting in peace 

often making themselves known 

without the services of a medium 

poltergeists for example 

throwing fits, creating havoc 

or apparitions maybe appearing on their own

where they met their unfortunate fate

always give me the creeps