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January 23, 2023


sunset over dark seaside city

merengue bars spring to life

the glamor, the glitter, all is fake in this world

pretty women song and dance part of the show

pastels fading cracking and coming apart outside

40’s red car dirty and unloved missing a back window

once suggesting a better time

group of men standing and working on it like surgeons

don’t have the right tools for the operation

old man cotton blue pants, torn white dress shirt

sits on balcony thinking of better days

at least I think he is thinking of that, who knows?

children kicking faded misshapen soccer ball

empty downtown plaza among non-working fountains

aquamarine boat on crystal blue water sail away

walking down half paved half dirt side street

among ruins still inhabited by locals 

then past an old cemetery and even older church

archways one tremor away from collapsing

held up by faith

hung-up wash in bus perfumed pollution brown air

old restaurant with sign; neon misplaced lost long ago

dribbled out onto street and washed away into drain

inside music spills into street from trio

of two acoustic guitars and pair of bongos

played by cigar smoking old men flawlessly

street parade carnival

celebrating something or other in the past

takes their mind off the present