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January 27, 2023

Boston Bookstore

 It’s an old hole in the wall bookstore in Boston, the kind with shelves from floor to ceiling with books on anything imaginable, with creaking old wooden floors and the unmistakable smell of books, some new, but mostly old ones that were donated. It’s the kind of place where things just seem to be placed rather haphazardly, but if you ask - they always know where what you’re looking for is. The workers often come in the morning and find books on the floor, scattered over the counter, a coffee cup half full of lukewarm coffee, and an aroma of cigar smoke. It’s all thought to come from the apparition of what is affectionately called “The Old Man” who owned and worked for decades in the store.

    ‘Eddie’’ had a gruff exterior, but they all say he was a good guy. He was the guy who owned and worked in the store for something like four decades and then died one winter’s night by himself in the store surrounded not by people, but by his beloved books in the after hours. People who worked there came up with the idea to rig up a video camera to see if they could ‘catch’ the apparition at work. The problem was the camera worked fine until the early morning hours when the apparition is believed to be active. Then, the camera would stop working time and time again. Finally, the crew decided to just let it be and removed the camera. Now the apparition has no worries if he might be seen.