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January 31, 2023

Scottish Castle Magic


At a Scottish castle located down by the sea not far from the spooky and unforgiving moors located in the harsh climate of northern Scotland (we’ll talk about the mysteries of the moors in another story), visitors to the old, rather drab looking place are sometimes startled by a galloping shiny black horse with a man dressed in an olde set of clothes aboard. He yells and warns everyone of imminent invaders and urges them to take up arms immediately. He enters through a stone wall, then gallups with the mighty horse’s hooves thundering, clopping,  and echoing off the stone walls of the castle, through the large dining hall complete with requisite suits of armor and crest flags (or whatever they’re called) and then exits through another wall to who knows where? No one knows.

Who this mysterious rider is, and who the approaching invaders are that he is talking about is unknown (though there have been plenty of guesses, no one knows for sure) but it certainly gives the tourists a fright and a good value for their entrance fee! The ghost rider seems to prefer overcast and rainy conditions to make an appearance (as most ghosts do!). People have tried to get a video of him on their phones, but the phones always seem to malfunction when they try. Ghosts seem to have that knack for fouling up electronics. These appearances are a relatively new occurrence and investigators are looking into them trying to come up with some explanation.