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January 19, 2023

Pieces of Happiness

pieces of happiness bought at a liquor store
laying shiny and shattered broken on the floor

after they were emptied 

in moonscape blacktop rocky potholed parking lot 

under yellowed street lights if working at all

alongside unrespected broken up streets

outside Harbor Street Liquor & Bar at 3:05 a.m.

the jukebox has played its last song of the night 

now spilling into the street

are the steel mill regulars

after a night of serious drinking 

beer whiskey boilermakers 

double barreled snowshoes tracking

now it’s double vision driving

hand over one eye please god

let me make it home

don’t let no telephone poles run out in front of me

no po-lice pulling me over

thrown in the gulag, throwing away the key

on monday morning I learn a buddy of me

wrapped his car around a tree

he only got a bang on the head

he’s really lucky he ain’t dead

the next Friday he’s back at the bar

didn’t miss a shift

he’s a badass like they say nowaday