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January 7, 2023

Giving Up. Drinking From Now On

eating pizza

quiet street corner restaurant in Montreal

snow falling 

ever so gracefully piling up

old couple strolling

slowly through snow covered park 

arm in arm / quaint ain’t it

go outside into the bluster winds and cold

complaining about the bus being late 

someone with a french accent says to me 

“you’re not from around here are you?”

went to Mt. Royale for a view 

but you could only see things / not the real

down Guy Street in front of a hotel

almost get run down by mr. mercedes 

coming out of a parking garage “Sacre Bleu!”

nowhere to go so I go to the bus station 

you see some interesting people hanging around

a bus station late at night

go back to my room 

mattress like the Grand Canyon

like they say Giving Up Drinking From Now On

oops punctuation problem monsieur 

Giving Up.

Drinking From Now On