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January 4, 2023

Yawning Moon

bottle of cognac / keeps whispering my name
it would be rude not to answer

had my friend Roberta over

she was overflowing with mad spirit

17 fluid ounces in a 16 ounce bottle

she said my house was as cold and dark

as an old crypt 

told her that wasn’t true; my house wasn’t that old

haunting familiar refrain deja vuing in my head

ignore the ghosts dancing around the banquet table 

looking out the window at the driving rain

not a word muttered uttered whispered 

voices silent muted quieted

just the pain sounds of rain hitting the pane

then later, downtown—

discussing life’s twists and turns over late night coffee

fate, destiny, happenstance 

downtown diner mostly empty red booths

waitresses refilling sugar containers 

only a few people passing by the windows 

getting late, moon yawning