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January 10, 2023

Paranormal 17

At one bridge in Scotland, witnesses report seeing a young man in black clothes, staring over the side of the bridge, looking down at the water forlornly before jumping and then vanishing in mid-air. As of now, nobody has been able to identify him but the details of multiple sightings are astonishing alike.

Battery Point Lighthouse is in California. A devastating tsunami hit there in 1964 destroying much of the town. Since then, strange happenings are afoot in the lighthouse. People report being touched by unseen hands, disembodied voices being heard, and caretakers say items were moved about while they were asleep.

Camp Randall in Madison, WI., is home to Wisconsin Badger football. Before that, it was a Union Army camp and a Confederate prison camp. 140 prisoners died there and were buried in a mass grave nearby. Fans and workers have reported seeing ghosts of soldiers in uniform (military).

Bodies are almost always removed from a building feet first. If the body went head first, it was thought by some that the dead could ‘see’ others, and then choose someone that would be next to visit the great beyond. Not many believe that anymore, but the tradition of “feet first” lives on, so to speak. 

Clairvoyant means “clear seeing” and means someone who has the power of seeing objects or actions beyond the range of natural vision. In other words, someone who uses their ESP to predict future happenings. This may come in the form of visions, hearing, or through other means. There are many people who have this ‘gift’.

The Knickerbocker Hotel in Los Angeles is where after the death of Harry Houdini in 1926, his widow Bess attempted to contact him every Halloween night for years with a seance but to no avail. Also there are reports of  Rudolf Valentino’s and Marilyn Monroe’s ghosts having been seen there.

At the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, a ghost of a woman with long dark hair has been seen by some on the 2nd floor. The ghost may be that of a former employee of a bank that used to occupy the building. She committed suicide in a bathroom there. Shrieks and odd noises have been heard.