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December 16, 2022

Weakness/Old Green Anorak


I love you
I love you so much

you’re my entire world

I can’t go on without you

- really? oh, please

Old Green Anorak 

scuffling shuffling in worn out boots

gray road / gray sky / no green in pocket

sometimes morning hits like a sledgehammer

between the running lights

deep into the winter of the blue flannel shirts 

it was a gray melancholy day

charcoal, slate, gunmetal, ash

evidently the sun didn’t make much of an effort

creaky old freight train wobbling by 

knows where it’s going / that makes one of us

rolling into the dead of night

disappearing into the darkness 

storm’s a comin’ 

“can feel it in my bones” says an old tattered man

soon strong winds are a blowin’ 

leaves to an early death

taken too soon, before their time

thoughts and prayers 

buckets of rain over my head

puddles of moon, everywhere I look 10,000 moons

head down, northbound into the night

old green anorak pulled down tight

headed for the city lights