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December 19, 2022

Beyond Explanation

In matters relating to the paranormal, to define something is to not necessarily explain something. Sometimes things happen that go beyond any type of rational explanation and must simply be accepted. Paranormal events are of course phenomena that go far beyond any kind of scientific explanation, things such as ESP, ghosts, and other events. 

Of course the experts’ dismiss paranormal activity as merely pseudoscience. Yet haunted houses are common, ghosts are heard and seen, the dead reach out to us. All these things happen with no rational explanation, but they do happen. The skill of telepathy has been demonstrated over and over and that cannot be disputed, yet it is brushed off by the skeptical. 

The paranormal should not be confused with the supernatural. The supernatural is usually defined as something that is beyond nature, but it has to do with magic and/or religion. Generally, there is more ‘belief’ in the supernatural by the general public, since their foundations are in faith. Whereas paranormal events usually relate to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without any kind of scientific explanation or ‘faith’. 

Sometimes proof of these occurrences cannot for scientists at least, be adequately explained…and thus are disregarded, but the people who have experienced them and those who have an open mind to the mystical...they believe. Must everything have some type of explanation to it? For perhaps there are many things in this world and universe that have no explanation, they just happen.