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December 13, 2022

The Trespasser


The Trespasser 

getting really dark chocolate out now

riding the chicago train south 

then walkin’ along the side of the road

a natural born wanderer just-a-wanderin’

a passerby passing through 

stopped in at an all-night 


the highway cafe with the soup of the day

just the strongest cup of coffee for me

came alongside a dirty city canal

I was too tired to do any more walking

sit down and take a drink from my flask

now before I know it I’m getting hauled off to jail

for what I’m sure I don’t know (trespassing?)

where they tried to hammer some sense in me

but I’ve always been a tough nail to 


they let me go just before the storm came ashore

hopped a freight going west I thought it best

wheels grinding a lonely sound I can identify with

a long way from home, long way from home

walked many a road, rode many a rail to where I am

sky of pastel ahead, aquamarine behind

wind at my back for a change

long time going, seen much but nothing at all

all the world’s gone mad green

just keep moving down that road wherever it