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December 10, 2022

Paranormal 16

There are those convinced that the ancients could concentrate upon a mummy, curses which were extremely powerful. If so desired, a curse on those who disturbed the holy resting place of a pharaoh for example. Those people may have been subjected to die a thousand deaths.

In Bolivia, some people wash the clothing of the dead in the Choqueapu River. Then, they have a hearty meal. When the clothes are dry, they are then burned in a fire. This is done as a way to help the mourners find peace, and allow the deceased’s soul to travel into the afterlife.

Her car broken down on a remote road, a young woman reluctantly accepted a ride from a well-dressed man middle aged man who looked vaguely familiar. It was only later that she realized that she had gotten the ride from a man whose funeral notice and picture she had seen in a newspaper days before.

Toasting someone with water in your glass is thought to bring bad luck, since the ancient Greeks honored the dead with a toast of water. Therefore, the superstition became that you were wishing bad luck (or death) on someone when you used water in your glass. Much better to use wine instead!

Body snatching is the illegal removal of corpses from graves, morgues, or other burial sites. This act allowed 'resurrection men' as they were sometimes called, to then sell the corpses to doctors primarily for the purpose of dissection/anatomy lectures in medical schools. Sometimes when cadavers weren’t readily available, the body snatchers resorted to murder, as was the case during the Burke and Hare murders of 1828 in Scotland.

I saw a jackal walking down my street once, or at least I thought I did. Jackals were associated with death because they often prowled around cemeteries in ancient times in the hopes of finding some decomposing flesh to eat. Since I live across the street from a cemetery, I thought that it was entirely possible.