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December 5, 2022

Raven, Raven

I channeled my inner Edgar Allen Poe and binge drank myself into unconsciousness;
with all the sorrow in the world, what else can you do?

my mantra was “Raven, “Raven” as I downed another dark liquor

I was fortunate to be blessed that evening 

with such a connoisseur of the late night scene

who acted as social director; a social tsarina

until slipping into a stupor she needed help carrying

courtesy of jack daniels or johnny walker

or one of his brothers

we never did come to a consensus on whether

you can be resigned to fate but can you resign from fate?

the answer becoming drowned among the ice and glasses

verifiably lost at sea

bobbing along heads barely above water

with no known coordinates that the navy or coast guard could search

the absurdity of it all

yet we continually re-enlisted 

now spilling out into the dark twisty streets 

back alleys of ill repute 

the home of the city’s nefarious 

but to be fair, we’ve all had our moments of indiscretions 

moments when we look back and try

to look the other way