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November 19, 2022

Windows Shut, Blinds Closed

he keeps the windows closed tight
except on rare spring or fall days

when he might crack one open 

but not for long

because before too long 

there’s a leaf blower blowing 

loud dog barking 

criminal trying to get inside 

music from next door a-playin’

basketball a-thumping 

amateurish guitarist a-strumming 

and a crow in a magnolia tree squawking 

so the window is shut

all the blinds are closed

so no one can see inside his house or soul

it’s cool and dark

he reads some poetry on his phone 

lights some incense and closes his eyes 

and prays that delta flight 471

doesn’t mistake his house for runway 27R

as he hears it on approach

tray tables locked and seats in an upright position